Success Over Suicide is a movement centered on changing lives and promoting success and positivity. We live in a time where there is an estimate of 5 suicides per hour, 121 a day, and over 43,800 a year in the United States. We are not by any means implying that simply becoming successful is the answer when relating to suicide nor are we therapist. We understand that life gets hard, and that sometimes it feels like hope is a fairy-tale. Our goal is to help those in need focus on their dreams and keep hope alive. We know that we can have ANYTHING that we want in life. 
          We understand one of our logos may seem a bit graphic. Because of this we wanted to address our ‘rope’ logo directly. The goal of this movement is to shine light on an issue that is not widely discussed. Suicide. Although the rope could most definitely be viewed as a noose, we also wanted to project to our audience that life is a game of tug-of-war. We have to fail in life in order to give birth to success. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. Some days feel incredible, while other days merely suck. And that’s ok! We have those days too. We’re here for you, we’re a family and we love you.
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